Meet the Team

Jacob Schopp


Jacob Schopp is a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering student starting his 2nd year on the team. Jacob has a real take charge type of attitude and that's really appreciated by previous team leadership. Jacob was instrumental in making sure the team had a vehicle design and where it could manufactured after the engineering garage closed down. While bit of a lone wolf when working on a task, Jacob can make short work of passing other tasks and responsibilities to other members. There is also the fact that Jacob had already been leading the Solid Motor Design subteam on the River City Rocketry, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge on aerodynamic principles, and had prior experience with robotics through the FIRST Robotic Competition. For these reasons, Jacob was considered a promising member and was voted in a one of the Co-Captains for Redbird Robotics. Great things are expected from Jacob.

Ryan Zentner


Ryan Zentner is a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering student beginning his second year on the team. Ryan initially joined the team to get involved on campus and start applying engineering concepts learned in class to practical problems. Ryan beginning started with doing various tasks needed by the team from a electrical stand point. His work ethic and understanding of electrical systems didn't go unnoticed. Not long after, he was promoted to the role of Electrical Lead and is now a Co-Captain. Ryan is considered a very talented member of the Redbird Robotics. Great things are expected of Ryan.

Ben Ferguson

Software Lead